What You Don’t Need

I’m not a fan of chain restaurants, in either diner or fast food varieties, so maybe this is just me pissing in the wind. HOWEVER…..

Of all the dumbshit food combos that have blanketed the news lately (A KFC Double Down, anyone? Your delicious heart attack is just moments away!), this one struck some sort of nerve enough to wonder if the aim of all of this is to try and turn us all into (even more) dumb beasts.

What I’m referring to is IHOP’s new “Pancake Stackers” that are “delightfully layered with creamy cheesecake…” Yeesh. Why? Aren’t pancakes with some maple syrup and a side of bacon or sausage ENOUGH anymore?

Apparently not because IHOP’s press release states that they’e topped [their pancakes with] “with one of America’s favorite flavors — cheesecake”. Jesus, what’s next? A deep fried, beer’n’salt battered slab of back bacon to go with IHOP’s take on what makes America’s taste buds tick?

Let’s take a look at the IHOP scoreboard: Taste Buds 1 , Still Beating Heart 0. Way to go IHOP!

(Thanks to slashfood for the article link for this post.)

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