Welcome Back, Mr. Kotter

About two years ago (give or take), the server that hosted …but the devil sends the cooks crashed. And it crashed HARD.  The machine had its fans screaming and was in an unruly state for some untold days in a row as I was in Tokyo on one of the 26 blurred business trips I took between 2010 and 2014.  The machine was complete SHITE in it’s meltdown glory and it took the disks with it.  Thankfully, the disks were recoverable. That took 3 days. And that was the easy part.

The actual hard part was having the time to:

  • get a new server (I told you, the old one died a horrible screaming death)
  • pore and crawl through the recovered disks to grab all the old files
  • get suitable software to run the blog (Movable Type chose NOT to support an open source (i.e. free) version anymore so fuck them)
  • learn how to tweak WordPress (which is pretty neato but the learning curve is/was hair-tearingly brutal for a while)
  • manually re-enter all of the old posts (all 99 of ’em!)

“Having the time”. Ha! I found that real difficult while being employed and dealing with a million different things related to the job, and semi-insane travel, and other of life’s “challenges” (some of my own doing, some not).

So what? Boo hoo.  Listen to the bad man whine.  I seek no pity; I only write this to tell you that …but the devil sends the cooks is BACK!  Lots and lots and lots of things have changed – for me and for many of the things I have posted about in the past.  I’ll relive and revisit some of those things in a handful of posts as I feel they’re important.  The tone and tenor of the blog will change likewise.  I’m now gainfully unemployed, finally pursuing a dream that began over 5 years ago and it’s some scary shit for sure.  And you’ll get to hear about some of it.  Wooo!

But really, welcome back.

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